Brought to you by Catherine Darwin       For the week of september 30, 2019     YOUR WEEKLY SMILE     What type of vehicle should you drive in the fall? An autumn-mobile!         NATIONAL MARKET UPDATE       New Home Sales shot up a breathtaking 18% year-over-year in August with the 12-month average hitting a post-recession high! The 713,000 annual rate was 7.1% over July, even after that month’s 31,000 unit upward …



   Brought to you by Catherine Darwin       For the week of september 23, 2019     YOUR WEEKLY SMILE     What kind of dog does a chemist have? A Lab!         NATIONAL MARKET UPDATE       Housing Starts shot up 12.3% in August, to a 1.364 million annual rate, a new post-recession high. And Building Permits gained 12.0% over a year ago, to a 1.419 million yearly rate, another post-recession record. No …


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View this email in your browser Closings Involving Trusts   TRUSTS IN GENERAL:What are they?Trusts in themselves are not legal entities which can own, manage or sell property.  A trust operates through one or more trustees, who usually are individuals but may be corporations.  It is these trustees who hold legal title to the property for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the trust.  WHAT DOES A TITLE COMPANY NEED WHEN A PROPERTY IS HELD IN TRUST?To be able to …

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